Growing up Together

11th July 2011

From our teenage years, I've seen him develop from a guitar player at church gatherings to a Music Director serving the Lord, from a bachelor to a father of two and most importantly from a casual school mate to a caring and concerned friend.

I don't know much about finance, investment and insurance. Actually, come to think of it, I don't really care. All I need is someone who is good at it, and he will take good care of them for me. In this case, Kai Sing did.

I came back to Singapore after graduation, trying to earn as much and as fast as I can from the society. And guess what? Kai Sing is always taking a cut of this out for my Insurance. Well, does this sound negative? Not at all!!! After seeing my Return in Investment now, it was a wise decision to take his advice.

Kai Sing always comes to me at the right time and I always invested with little persuasions. He would explain every single detail of the policy and cater it to my financial needs at that point of time. I applaud his professionalism, passion and dedication to his work.

What else about Kai Sing? Huh?

A good cook? Missing his home cook food now being far away from home again.

A BGR consultant? he would (LAAF) Listen, Analysis, Action and Follow Up.

A friend? to keep and cherish.

Eveyln Kwok
AVP, Group Human Resource
Sembcorp Industries Limited


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