A View of Life with Angeline Cheng

20th May 2011

I have known Jerry for more than 15 years, having had the good fortune to meet him at the start of my working life. He started out as my insurance agent, and slowly and surely became my close friend and more importantly a trusted financial advisor.

As my career developed, Jerry suggested developments in my financial portfolio appropriately, taking into account the expansion in my personal life as well - having 3 children in the last 6 years more specifically.

Given his years in the industry, Jerry has a deep understanding of the market and provides the best product - and service - according to the needs of his clients. He does not apply a "one-size fits all" concept but makes a conscious effort to understand the background and situation of each individual and adjusts his financial and insurance solutions accordingly.

Despite our personal friendship, Jerry has adopted a very professional stance in all his financial guidance, maintaining keen discretion. He has maintained confidentially and applied his technical expertise when providing financial suggestions and solutions. I rely on him - both as an advisor and as a friend - today and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Angeline Cheng
Director, Internal Communications
Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa


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