Testimonials & Referral Notes

Here are some Referral Notes and Testimonials my clients have written for me...

Life is like a marathon and certainly my journey in the financial planning industry is likened to one. I value my work and I value my clients. I take pride in them. It is always a joy for me to gather feedbacks and even more, these testimonials that I have taken time to collect. It is my hope that through this, you will get to know me better... 

Wilson Nghai:

I have known Jerry for about 6 years now. I am aware of his profession and the nature of his work but there was no thought of engaging his service or using his products. As a friend he did not view me as one of his potential sales target and that is a good thing.

As my sunset years are creeping in slowly, I begin to realize that the financial position I am in needs to be reviewed, urgently. Jerry and I, we sat down for a cup of Kopi O...

Below is my business experience with him.

He is first knowledgeable with his products and ethical in his trade practice.

Professional in attending to every need his client required and request for. Listening and patience seems to be his forte.

I believe that the most comforting experience I had was that his top priority is not just selling the products to me but sharing with me his vision and make me understand the shared valued on his vision. His emphasis on knowing our direction, having the ability to sustain and sowing for the next generation, giving them a head start was simple yet impactful.

As the discussion gather speed, his focus and profiling enable him to provide me with the best solution I was looking for. I was indeed impressed that he is able to help me plant my apple tree in my approaching sunset years and at the same time; an orchard for my children's children. That is amazing.

I would like to say that you are certainly a true asset to your establishment and a valuable representation of your profession.

Thank You So Much Jerry!

Wilson Nghai
Singapore Airlines


Hi Jerry,

It's really been wonderful knowing you. Being 18, I was concerned about how to handle my financial issues and I also needed insurance due to my future career path. I confided in a trustworthy mentor in my church who recommended you to me. Initially, i was nervous about meeting you as I've never had an financial consultant before. But your honesty, sincerity and jovial nature set my heart and mind at ease. Despite our large age gap, I find myself able to talk to you comfortably as a friend. Each meeting with you has truly been enjoyable, I really thank God for sending you.



Irene & Karl:

Jerry was introduced to us only 3 months ago. Being professionals, we tend to be analytical and skeptical of many things in life - insurance and insurance agents being high on the list!

From the 1st meeting, Jerry had already managed to breach the barrier with us. He impressed us as a professional who is well-versed in his line of work and has depth of knowledge beyond his own products. This allowed us to have lively conversations about all sorts of financial ideas that we never had much time to explore in detail. He also gave us options to optimize our coverage to fulfill some key needs in several areas of our life plan.

More importantly, Jerry impressed us as a person who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of his clients. He went out of his way to ensure that we were never inconvenienced during the process of obtaining the plans – and it was a pleasure to work with someone who not only starts well, but ends well too. Jerry definitely sets a strong service benchmark for the insurance industry.

We’re sure that this is a start of a fruitful relationship and we would sincerely recommend Jerry to all our friends! 

Irene, Nokia
Karl, KPMG

Cephas Thio Fan Wen:

Jerry is a friend that I have known for 4 years. 

As a
friend, he gave me many advices that aid me through   difficult times and the many encouragements he gave,   actually made many things possible for me. 
Jerry is someone that not only uses his mouth and say but  he sincerely believes that it will happen. Though his work  schedule is tight, he never fails to spend quality time with his family and friends, like cooking up dinner for his family, seeing movies with friends and fighting with his son, Gabriel
 over the computer games. ;p 

Seeing his kids often reminds me that Jerry is a good fatherly figure to keep that smile on Grace and Gabriel's face. 

He is someone of essence, someone that is hard to come by these days. He truly fulfills the saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed." 

Cephas Thio Fanwen 
Customer Service Executive 
Singapore Computer Systems 

Marge Poon

Jerry is my Financial Advisor for more than 10 years. It gives me immense pleasure to compliment Jerry on his passion and commitment to his profession.

  I found him to be very conscientious and 
 effective. Once, he went an “extra mile” to help
 me out of a time sensitive situation where I
 needed some urgent financial advice. His attention
 to details and follow up have far exceeded my

 Jerry's sound financial advice gives me peace of
 mind, leading me to make sound decisions, thus,
 secured with good insurance planning. To be
 exact, I trust Jerry.

More than just his professionalism, and more importantly, I am proud to say that he’s not only my Financial Advisor but has become, over time, a very valuable friend.

Ms Marge Poon
Healthcare Manager
Lim Clinic and Surgery

Desiree Chan

I “inherited” Jerry when my advisor left the industry. The earlier work relationship was established and comfortable and I did not look forward to interacting with a “newbie”! Jerry’s helpfulness and thoughtfulness eased my reservations – especially when he neatly filed my documents and gave me a written summary – wow!

 It’s been more than 20 years since I first met this earnest young man - Ok! Ok! We were both young then!! – but I still see him as a younger brother – due to his youthful looks after all these years……except for his balding head….

Like many people, I found it a daunting process when it came to buying these perplexing intangible products with payments over incredibly long time lines! Jerry’s patience and gentle persistence has made me a truly grateful and happy customer– sincere thanks to you Jerry!!

It is a significant luxury to have a life-long financial advisor. I totally appreciate and
value Jerry’s years of experience and commitment to his industry. It has given me
and many of his clients the ease of familiarity and convenience over the years and, I
hope, for many more years to come too…!

Jerry - the recommendations I have made, and will continue doing, are all done with
full confidence that your helpful professionalism will result in successful and 
rewarding outcomes.

Good luck my friend!

Desiree Chan
Project Manager

Emmanuel Martinez:

  ME: a newbie in Singapore, on foreign posting, striving for a regularity of
 pace in life, seeking tutelage for cash flow management and optimizing
 interest gains to ensure financial stability. Networking to meet new
 friends ( outside of Facebook or LinkedIn ) and trying to understand the
 local idiosyncrasies.

 JERRY: a polished savvy man who knew what to advise, when to advise
 and how to say it best. A one-man welcoming committee, an astute
 financial teacher, a walking Friendster, a willing helping hand, an Asian
 citizen. Goodwill hunted !

Manny Martinez
Senior Account Director

Singapore Regional Office
McCann Healthcare Worldwide

Omar Gepiga:

 I met Jerry through a friend who had sought his assistance. Jerry
 was highly recommended so I took a chance.

 The first meeting was pleasant. He seemed to empathize with me
 - a neophyte in insurance and investments. He asked very good
 questions and tried to understand my needs and goals.

 I've never had life insurance or structured investments before.
 I've met with dozens of agents/financial planners in my life in 
 countries where I have lived and was never sold on their pitches.
 On hindsight, what drew me to trust Jerry was that he engaged
 me in dialogue, he wanted to learn more about me and we discussed needs and goals
 over lunch and coffee over several weeks. Jerry wasn't pushy. He knew his products
 well but greater than that I believe that he knew me as a person and what my
 appetite was for investment.

I must also say that Jerry is very warm and friendly and that the agent-client relationship we have has evolved into a friendship. He keeps in touch not because he wants to sell you more but to genuinely touch base with a friend.

And when I finally am ready to purchase my own home, I will definitely get in touch with him to assist me in getting low mortgage rates.

Omar Gepiga
Director, Marketing and Communication
MGM International


Edith Chong:

Not simply just an insurance agent, but also makes a good friend. A good listener to sorrows.

Ms Edith Chong
Marketing Mgr, Pharmaceutical
Abbot Lab Singapore

Lee Ban Kheng:

  It’s a given that to be a Personal Financial Advisor, one would  
 have to be knowledgeable of the various options available for
 personal insurance and investment, have a deep understanding
 of the profile of his/her client so as to discern the right
 instrument, as well as build a relationship based on trust. In
 other words, be a professional trusted advisor.

 Having known Jerry for close to 10 years, I find Jerry
 possessing all the above qualities, and more.

In Jerry, I find inspiration to face personal challenges, and overcome them.

A wise man once said, A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

And that, to me Jerry did. I hope he touches yours too.

Lee Ban Kheng
Solution Architect, Advanced Application
Amdocs Billing Pte Ltd, Singapore

Mr Garry Dick:

As past president of our OUB Manulife/ Manulife Singapore; I have kept in touch with agents and staff as best as I can, from my current residences in the U.S.A. and Canada. I am particularly pleased with the continued progress and professional development of Jerry …… everyone's favorite agent!!

Jerry has always been a source of pride for our company, and is a valued associate. Congratulations Jerry, on yet another step forward!

Garry Dick
CEO, Singapore Operation
Manulife Financial

The Choes:

Jerry has been THE financial adviser of my wife and I for years now. To be exact, it is 10 years one month and 23 days(as at today).
When he first made presentations us, we found him very attentive to our concerns and needs. From day one, we knew we could trust him because he refused to sell us policies that would not meet our needs, though he ends up losing commission.

He also went through other policies we have earlier bought from other companies and took time to explain what the returns for those policies were. He has very professionally advised us on which further policies we would need to complement those that we already have. With his very clear and thorough presentation (in graphs), we better understood our investments. His down-to-earth approach to life also assures us he'll give us practical advice.

Through the years, we feel secure as he looks out for good products that will meet our needs and complement whatever policies we have bought.

When the government allowed for greater use of CPF funds for investments, he helped us make use our CPF funds for investments. What we really appreciate is that he keeps track of the market trends and helps us make investments that have always brought great returns, yet never compromising our concerns. So, we never really had to worry about our investments. Having never ventured into investments at all previously, we have now ventured into the world of financial investments because of the confidence given to us by Jerry. In fact, without Jerry, we would have been much poorer for the future!

Jerry has proven himself to be sincere and honest. Though he earns his living from the commissions he gets, he does not compromise returns for his clients' investments, even if it means not making more from further sales to us. He has genuine concern for others' wellbeing, thus setting him apart from other financial advisers. This is also the reason why he has so many faithful clients who has no qualms in introducing him to their friends.

So, whenever I'm approached by a financial adviser, my reply is always - No thank you. I already have one whom I entrust all my investments with!

Dr Raymond Choe
EZY Health Group
Chartered Semi-conductors

Ms Hannah T.:

Basically I know that I can count on you to give me an honest assessment of my policies and financial planning without all the jargon or technical terms that i don't understand. i know that if i ask you to take care of something like travel insurance, that it's a done deal. Mr Jerry Lee is a dependable character.

Hannah T.
Photographer, freelance
Yao Wei Xiong and Becky:

In order to keep up with the ever changing challenges of the financial sector, I saw Jerry working very hard to study and upgrade himself to finally earn his Masters education. He also regularly keeps himself updated with the latest financial market trend and pride himself in ensuring that his clients are well informed of any latest changes.

  He is a hard working individual, with exceptional
 passion to be honest and transparent in all his working
 relations with clients. I always remember this
 statement he made. He do not just want to sell a
 product that the company offers, but to offer the best
 financial advice and consultancy service that you will
 ever have. It is not the product, but the service that

Well, my investments have been doing very well for the past 2 years and I believe, will continue to do so, with Jerry's help. Even my fiancee is now engaging his expertise!

Yao WeiXiong
Social Worker, Youths
Touch Community

Becky Lim:

Jerry has been a good friend and mentor. When it comes to giving financial advice, he is very detailed and analytical. Despite his many years of experience in this field, he doesn't take them for granted and is always striving towards excellence in his service. Also, he is very objective towards financial services and products. Hence, he will never try to recommend something that you don't need and but will try his best to attend to your needs : )

Becky Lim
Social Worker, Youth,
Faith Acts Singapore Pte Ltd

Belinda Chong:

When I first met Jerry, we didn't start off well actually. In fact we were pretty cool towards each other . Just the occasional "Hi's" and "Hello's" ...........

However, that changed when I approached him for help in some insurances matters. Even though the policies were bought from someone else and not even from Jerry's or his company, Jerry was very willing to help me without expecting anything in return. This showed me that he was sincere and that he was dedicated to helping his clients get the best out of their investments. In fact, he even offered free advice on those portfolios !

Over the years, my husband and I have transferred most of our investments and policies to Jerry knowing that it is in good hands. With his sound advice, we have managed to buy our dream home without much pain and worry about our mortgage. He even helped us to secure a good mortgage with a fantastic interest rate which we couldn't even believe ! There were even times that he sacrificed his earnings to help us get better returns for our investments.

Jerry is hardworking , dedicated and passionate about his career. He sets high standards for himself which translates into better returns for his clients. I remembered once when we liquidated our investments to buy our dream home. For most agents, it would be a problem because their income would be affected, but not Jerry. He was genuinely happy for us. He did give us a "shock" though, because I remembered he told us that he had bad news for us. At that time, the economy was so so down and we were expecting that we were losing our capital after liquidation. But in reality, we made a profit of 15% ............his idea of bad news was that he was expecting a return of 20% instead ! That is Jerry for you.

We have now become firm friends and we wouldn't trust anybody else to handle our finances for us. Thank you Jerry for all that you have done and will keep on doing of us !

Belinda Chong
Sales Manager
RGB Colors Pte Ltd

Michelle Tan:

  Jerry has been my financial advisor since 1995. Throughout these
  13 years, Jerry has been consistent and diligent in following up
  every review and new investment opportunity.
  What impresses me is his professionalism to look into aspects of
  my life; family and career. He will take pains to present different
  proposals with different scenarios to help me decide the best
  suited product.
  This is a rare trait of an advisor and certainly a very valuable one.
  Jerry takes pride in his job and genuinely cares. Armed with his
  friendly and sincere personality, Jerry is certainly the most
  outstanding financial advisor I have ever met!

My 13 years of experience with him says it all!

Well done Jerry!

Best Regards,
Michelle Tan
Deutsche Bank AG,Singapore
Private Wealth Management
DID : 65-6423-8393
FAX : 65-6423-7257

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