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Manulife Income Series

Inflation is eroding your purchasing power!

The cost of living in Singapore continue to rise. How do you preserve your wealth when inflation is eroding your purchasing power? Having a stream of regular passive income can enhance your lifestyle and your financial stability.

A choice made simple with bonds

  • Bonds can provide an element of stability in your investment portfolio.
  • Bonds can provide steadier returns.
  • Bond coupons can provide a regular source of income.

Receive a regular passive income

1) There is no guarantee, assurance and/or certainty that any distribution will be made and if distributions are made, such distributions are not in any way a forecast, indication or projection of the future or likely performance/distribution of the Fund. The making of any distributions shall not be taken to imply that future distributions will be made. Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd may also vary the frequency and/or the amount of the distributions made. When distributions are declared and paid out with respect to the Fund, the net assets of the Fund will reduce by an amount equivalent to the distributions declared. This will be reflected as a reduction in the unit price.
2) The cash payouts are subjected to satisfying the minimum payout amount as well as terms and conditions. Else, the distribution will be reinvested as additional units of the Fund. ^The above payout diagram is for illustration purposes only and is not necessary a forecast or indication of the Fund?s actual performance.

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